Cardboard photospheres

Explore all-sky surveys with your smartphone

  1. Install Cardboard application on your smartphone from Google Play for Android or from the App Store for iPhone devices.
  2. Download some photospheres files below on your smartphone.
  3. Launch Cardboard application and open one of the downloaded photospheres to visualize it.

Following photospheres have been created from the corresponding HiPS.

Using the hips2fits service, you can easily generate your own photospheres from your favorite HiPS datasets.
You will have to use this template:

The following conditions must be met:

  • projection must be CAR
  • fov must be equal to 360
  • height must be half of the width
  • format must be set to jpg
  • hips value must match the identifier of one of the existing HiPS (see this page giving the up-to-date list of available HiPS)

Examples of photospheres generated by the service:

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