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Aladin Desktop is the main application of the Aladin Sky Atlas suite. Developed in Java, Aladin Desktop is able to run on any configuration (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc) even on small machines (>128MB RAM). Aladin Desktop is free, distributed under GPL3 licence (see acknowledgement). Download it and install it according to your operating system. Several versions are provided: the official, the beta version, etc, and also some source packages. As any Java tool, Aladin Desktop requires a Java Virtual Machine on your machine.

The beta version incorporates new features in test phase for the next official Aladin version. The stability of these features is not totally guaranteed. The beta version is regularly updated following the progress of the Aladin developement team. Contrary to the official Aladin version, Aladin Beta version is not open source, all rights are reserved to the right owner.

New features and performance improvements:

  • Access to planetary data (areas, coverages, catalogues) [available via the user preferences].
  • Photometric tool stats improvements (table management from polygons and circles)
  • Pixel table generation from arbitrary areas (polygons, circles...) -> See Menu Image -> Pixel extraction...
  • Cone search plane improvement: content update
  • Instrument FoV display improvement (label, rollable...)
  • Access to the VizieR "associated data"
  • Time serie display
    • GUI improvements:
    • Support for Hight DPI screen -> See User Preference Scaling method
    • Grid thickness control
  • MOC extensions:
    • MOC 2.0 full compliance (STMOC, TMOC)
    • MocServer v2 => Resource Tree controlled both by space and time filters)
    • STMOC highlight & selection
    • MOC size limit facility
    • SMOC generation from Box object
    • Support for planetary MOCs (proto)
  • HiPS improvements:
    • Improved plotting for HiPS displayed in large fields
    • Hipsgen new coadd mode: SUM, DIV, MUL
    • gzip/nogzip automatic strategy for FITS tiles
    • Display symmetry (N<->S, E<->W)
  • CASSIS VOTool/plugin compatibility
  • Plugin extension for pixel stats (getStatistics..)
  • New projections: Mercator, HEALPix
  • Sextractor service improvement: full local image support
  • Fits improvement: PanSTARRs BOFFSET/BSOFTEN special coding supported
  • VOApp interface extension: MOUSEEVENT support

    Bug fixed:

    • Fixed the automatic refocusing of a small catalogue.
    • Corrected boolean data type SAMP bug
    • Fix -noconsole bug with execAsync() [thanks to G.Eychaner]
    • Fix pixel access methods via plugin avoiding memory cache release.
    • Removal of potential deadlock when applying a dedicated filter on a HiPS catalogue
    • Java getFreeSpace() bug workaround for Hipsgen disk cache
    • Fix bug for Coord Tool box ICRS proper motion computation error
    • Correct detection of a remote resource not found
    • SAVOT bug workaround when reading VOTable TAP in BINARY/base64 generated by DACHS
    • Fix bug on SMOC minOrder3 FITS export.
    • Correction of out-of-projection measurements (dist tool)
    • Fix bug on objects without coordinates
    • Fix bug on UTF8 properties
    • Fix bug on tiny FITS extension images
    • Stat measurements shift error
    • HiPS tiles crossing the view in AITOFF projection
    • s_region circle radius expressed with E notation (xxEn)
    • Plugins classLoader problem with JVM >=1.9
    • Save JPEG images with OpenJDK
    • STMOC millisecond precision in properties

  • → Thanks to acknowledge Aladin Sky Atlas

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