Your HiPS catalogue in a single command line

(last update May 2016)

... or how to build a Hierarchical Progressive Survey Catalogue from your table in a FITS or VOTable or CSV format.

  • Example 1: The IRAS catalogue of Point Sources (VizieR table name II/125/main, 245k rows), progressivity based on the flux 'Fnu_12'
    • Donwload the full table as a FITS file here (16 MB)
    • Type the following command line
      java -jar Hipsgen-cat.jar -cat II_125_main -in II_125_main.fits -f FITS -out HiPSCat_II_125_main -ra _RAJ2000 -dec _DEJ2000 -score Fnu_12 -desc -lM 5
  • Example 2: The Hipparcos Main Catalogue (VizieR table name I/239/hip_main, 118k rows)
    • Donwload the CSV file here (13 MB)
    • Version 1: progressivity based on the parallax
      java -jar Hipsgen-cat.jar -cat I_239_main -in I_239_hip_main.csv -ra _RAJ2000 -dec _DEJ2000 -score Plx -desc -lM 5
    • Version 2: progressivity based on magnitude V
      java -jar Hipsgen-cat.jar -cat I_239_main -in I_239_hip_main.csv -ra _RAJ2000 -dec _DEJ2000 -score Vmag -lM 5
  • Example 3: the Tycho-2 catalogue (VizieR table name I/259/tyc2, 2.5M rows, we removed rows having null values for RAmdeg or DEmdeg), the progressivity is based on the mean value of BTmag and VTmag if both values are not null, or on BTmag if VTmag is null, or on VTmag if BTmag is null.
    • Donwload the CSV file here (56 MB)
    • Uncompress it:
      gzip -d tycho2.csv.gz
    • Type the following command line
      java -jar Hipsgen-cat.jar -cat tycho2 -in tycho2.csv -ra RAmdeg -dec DEmdeg -score "((Double.isNaN(BTmag)?0:BTmag)+(Double.isNaN(VTmag)?0:VTmag))/((Double.isNaN(BTmag)?0:1)+(Double.isNaN(VTmag)?0:1))" -lM 9

  1. Looking into the output dir, you will find byproducts like
    • Healpix density maps at several resolutions / orders (FITS files)
    • The MOC of your table in two formats (FITS and JSON files)
    • A metadata.xml file in which you can add informations, links, ...
  2. The tool is not (yet) robust, you should e.g. ensure that:
    • All fields of the RA and Dec columns you select are filled with not null and valid values in decimal degrees
    • The column names you enter are correct
    • The path of the output directory do not contains non-ASCII characters like 'é', 'è', ...
    • ...

Usage: java -jar Hipsgen-cat.jar [parameters]

 -in (--input_file) FILE                       : Read data from the specified file
                                                 (default: stdin)
 -f (--input_format) [ASCII | VOT | FITS]      : Input file type: ASCII (default) or
                                                 VOT or FITS
 -af (--ascii_format) [CSV | TSV | SSV | PSV]  : Format of the ASCII file (to be
                                                 used with option -f ASCII only):
                                                 CSV (default), TSV, SSV or PSV
 -head (-header, --header)                     : First non-commented row contains
                                                 column names (default=true,
                                                 with option -f ASCII only)
 -out (--output_dir) DIR                       : Write data in the specified
 -cat (--cat_name) CAT_NAME                    : Name of the catalog
 -ra (--col_ra) COL_NAME|COL_NUMBER            : Name (or number with -f ASCII and
                                                 no -header) of the column
                                                 containing the Right Ascencion
 -dec (--col_dec) COL_NAME|COL_NUMBER          : Name (or number with -f ASCII and
                                                 no -header) of the column
                                                 containing the Declination
 -desc (--order_desc)                          : Object are sorted in descendent
                                                 order (according to their score)
 -score (--score) COL_NAME|FORMULA             : Value (from a column name or an
                                                 expression using column name(s))
 -t (--target) POSITION                        : Starting point when loading the
                                                 catalog (e.g. 0.0 +0.0)
 -lC (--level_coverage) N                      : Level at wich the coverage is
                                                 computed (default = 10)
 -lM (--level_max) N                           : Highest level (inclusive) of the
                                                 progressive catalog (default = 11):
                                                 can't be < 4 nor > 11.
 -method (--method) LINEAR|LOG|ASINH|SQRT|POW2 : Method used to adjust number of
                                                 sources according to density
                                                 (default = LOG)
 -n1 (--level1_n_srcs) N                       : Number (approximated) of sources at
                                                 level 1 (default = 3000)
 -n2 (--level2_n_srcs) N                       : Number (approximated) of sources at
                                                 level 2 (default = 6000)
 -n3M (--level3_n_src_max) N                   : At level 3, max number of sources
                                                 in a pixel. Remark: this value is
                                                 changed by renormalisation to
                                                 achieve n1 and n2.
 -n3m (--level3_n_src_min) N                   : At level 3, min number of sources
                                                 in a pixel (default = 3
                                                 => 8 at level 2 and 16 at level 1,
                                                 assuming a ratio n1 / n2 = 1/3)
 -nM (--max_n_srcs_by_pix) N                   : Number of sources max by cell at
                                                 depth > 3 (default = 500)
 -nm (--min_n_srcs_by_pix) N                   : Number of sources min by cell at
                                                 depth > 3 (default = 50)
 -nt (--n_threads) N                           : Number of threads to be used
                                                 (default = max)
 -o (--l1l2_only)                              : Only generates the level 1 and 2 to
 -r3 (--ratio_l3_l4) N                         : Ratio between the number of sources
                                                 kept for l3 and for l4
                                                 (default = 0.2)
 -p (--print_info)                             : Print informations

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