Make paper models of sky surveys and planets

Rhombicuboctahedrons are 26-faces Archimedean solids which provide a good approximation to a sphere.


You will find on this page sky surveys and planetary maps for various HiPS surveys that have been turned into PDFs that can be printed, cut and glued to build 3D paper version of all-sky maps or celestial bodies.

  1. Download and print the PDF file you are interested in.
  2. Crease along the horizontal dashed blue lines (1 to 6).
  3. Crease along the vertical dashed blue lines (a to i).
  4. Carefully cut along all the red lines.
  5. Spread glue on the blue triangles, and assemble the middle section.
  6. Spread glue on the remaining flaps, and finish the assembly.

You should end up with a nice 3D paper model !


The following rhombicuboctahedrons created from the corresponding HiPS are available.

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